About us

Ledgerscope was founded in April 2010 by Adrian Pearson after many years running an accountancy practice in Yorkshire - helping small business owners with all of their accounting and business development challenges.

The aim was to create software and services which would free accountants from tedious, repetitive work and help make their practices more profitable.

We are now a team of 10, with skills in accountancy, software development, customer service and marketing. The company has two products - Checkmybooks and Movemybooks - with others planned for the future.

If you wish to get in touch please email if you can. If you really need to telephone, the voicemail number is below.

Company Number
7224872 (England and Wales)

VAT Number
GB 990 9149 77

Registered Office
North Barn
Broughton Hall
North Yorkshire
BD23 3AE


+44 (0)1756 802028